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NEW IN: the sculptures of Leblon Delienne

At Leblon Delienne, everything revolves around their love for pop culture. This passion is evident in their unique figurines. They use iconic elements and themes from pop culture to create stunning sculptures that bring our favorite Disney heroes to life. Leblon Delienne’s creative horizon is endless. They collaborate with international designers, artists, and pop culture icons to create unique pieces that spark imagination and admiration. Have you seen the Mickey With Love? And how delightful is the Minnie by Kelly, or Snoopy Sun Chromed? Explore the Leblon Delienne collection at Proluca Interiors.

About Leblon Delienne
Founded in 1987, Leblon Delienne specializes in crafting high-quality resin figurines. They have impressive projects to their name, such as designing the trophies for the winners of the Angoulême comic festival, Paco Rabanne's skull, the Venus Balloon by Jeff Koons in collaboration with Dom Perignon champagne, and the busts of Gustave Eiffel and Jules Verne for the eponymous restaurant in Paris. The atelier is renowned for its craftsmanship and is often commissioned to create unique pieces, frequently for leading names in contemporary art and the luxury industry.

Discover the entire Leblon Delienne collection at Proluca Interiors.